These Renders Based On The Yamaha FZ-X Are Droolworthy!

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Yamaha recently launched the FZ-X neo-retro roadster in India and the reception it has received from Indian motorcyclists is quite polarizing. To make their latest offering more popular, Yamaha is hosting a contest based on the newly launched FZ-X motorcycle. Yamaha is conducting an online challenge named #CustomizeFZX where participants have to submit a digital render of their customized FZ-X. The customization scene in India is on the rise and the entries featured here reflect the same. Let us take a look at some of the coolest entries so far!

Eimor Customs

Hyderabad-based customization house has created this gorgeous render. This render looks somewhat similar to the stock FZ-X. The front end of the motorcycle has been left unchanged and all the magic has been performed at the rear end. It features a special paint job with blue and black accents. One of the major highlights of this customized FZ-X is its single scooped out seat. The rugged look of the motorcycle is further accentuated by the inclusion of knobby tires at both ends.

FZX 6 (1)

Zero Custom Motorcycles

Another render from the city of Hyderabad. This render is the perfect example of FZ-X turned into an off-road + touring beast. The front end somewhat resembles the RE Himalayan. The design of the render features an increase in height, long-travel suspension, and tall exhaust. It also gets spoked rims at both ends. The windshield at the front should take care of the windblast. Overall, this is a touring-based modification to elevate FZ-X’s touring credentials.

FZX 5 (1)

Neev Motorcycles

Neev Motorcycles is a renowned name in the Indian modification scenario and we have featured some tastefully modified motorcycles by them on our website as well. Neev Motorcycles has crafted this butch café-racer based on the FZ-X. The neo-retro roadster in this render is bestowed with chunky tires at both ends. They too have opted to go for single-seat configuration because all cool kids ride solo! To further boost its café-racer appeal, Neev Motorcycles has also thrown in bar-end mirrors in the mix.

FZX 1 (1)

Reza Hussain

This Hyderabad-based custom house owner has rendered an absolute beast. It has been rendered to such an extent that a human’s naked eye won’t be able to figure out that it’s a café-racer underneath. It is a prime example of a café-racer that has time travelled to 2021 to teach us a thing or two about swagger. The exposed frame, huge rear mono-shock suspension, and chunky tires give the bike an aggressive look. If someone actually goes ahead to make it a reality, its complex structure isn’t going to make the job easy but there’s one thing for sure, its futuristic elements are bound to turn heads!

FZX 2 (1)

Autologue Design

Pune-based Autologue design is a well-known name when it comes to customizing your bike and giving it a whole different look. This render makes us believe that having a café-racer based on the FZ-X won’t be such a bad idea after all. At the front, it now features a fairing like old-school café racers. There are air scoops on tank shrouds, and the rear section features a custom cowl for the pillion seat, making it a single-seat motorcycle. Additionally, the yellow paint scheme reminds us of the old Yamaha motorcycles.

FZX Auto (1)

For added contrast, black stripes have been used around the fuel tank. Other noteworthy design highlights on this FZ-X are the redesigned side panels, bar-end mirrors, and the circular tail lamp. On the whole, this digitally tuned example looks much better than what Yamaha sells in the country.

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