The Yamaha Hyper Slaz Concept Is A, “You Want It? But You’re Not Going To Get It!” Tease


Along comes a motorcycle sometimes which you see from a distance and automatically start walking towards. But when you get there, you realise it’s just imagined metal. Which is exactly what we experienced at the Auto Expo 2018, walking towards the Yamaha Hyper Slaz Concept.


A dark themed concept based on the Yamaha Slaz 150 naked, the bike maker has no plans to launch a production bike which looks like this in India. This naked R15 then, just like most concepts, has been fitted with a lot of fancy bits like a gas charged Ohlins rear spring, Red finished USD front forks, a transparent clutch cover, a proper deltabox frame paired to a rigid rear swinging arm and a mid-mounted exhaust.

Yamaha Hyper Slaz Concept (15)
Yamaha Hyper Slaz Concept (10)
Yamaha Hyper Slaz Concept (9)

Nicely done wheels are wrapped in premium Pirelli Rosso II rubber and the sabre tooth headlight up front isn’t a headlight at all. The rear sub-frame is near vertical, the Hyper Slaz will seat just the rider and the panels are so sharply finished, it feels the metal will draw blood if you touch the machine. The tiny sphere you see on the Hyper Slaz’s forehead is a camera by the way.

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