The Volta Zap from Chennai claims to be India’s India’s first crossover electric bike

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Chennai based Volta Motors has designed what they’re claiming to be India’s first cross over electric bike, the Volta ZAP. The product has been designed and developed completely in India. The Volta ZAP offers a 60 km range for a single charge without pedaling. The regenerative charging gives an extended range for the user, while the ZAP’s operating cost is said to be around 7 paise per kilometre.


The battery of Volta ZAP weighs 3 Kg, which will be the lightest battery for an E-bike till date with these specifications. Volta Motors uses an lithium technology battery which can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile phones, laptops, tablets. The ZAPS’s Pedal Assist feature gives 3 full cycle wheel rotation for every single pedal rotation made. The purpose-built box frame allows one to quickly insert and remove the battery in and out comfortably.

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Other highlights of the Volta ZAP include front suspension forks, hub motors, digital displays, integrated facilities for smart phones, customizable body panels, a wide range of colour choices, and LED reflectors placed on the bike.  The Volta ZAP’s design had been unfolded at Bangalore White Orchid Convention Centre on 5th August 2016 where free test rides were offered. The full specifications, launch date and price are still under wraps.

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