The Ultima Evolution: 1020 bhp in a 950 kg package


Ultima Evolution

The headline would have already got you guessing on the performance numbers- our case is no different. For a scale reference, if we stack the original Bugatti Veyron which cranks 1001 bhp in a 1850 kgs package- the Ultima Evolution makes mincemeat of the horsepower numbers at half the Veyron’s weight.

Ultima Evolution engine

With 15 options to choose from a variety of Chevrolet LS V8 engines, the least powered is a 350 bhp variant which would cost £38,000 with the fire breathing 1020 bhp that would reduce your bank balance by £95,995. But the price still looks a bargain for the shattering performance the car brings to your speeding desires. For instance the Bugatti Veyron costs ten times as much as the Ultima Evolution.

Ultima Evolution rear

All of those 1020 horses and 1247 nm of peak torque can send the Ultima Evolution galloping to a top whack of 385 kph. 100 kph from standstill is shattered in a mere 2.3 seconds with 0-160 kph (0-100 mph) in 4.9 seconds and 0-240 (0-150 mph) in 8.9 seconds. The quarter mile finish line can be crossed in 9.2 seconds at an indicated speed of 251 kph- now that would put many a drag car timings into jeopardy.

Ultima Evolution interior

The downside is that the Ultima Evolution doesn’t come with many creature comforts to boast and the maximum luxury you may desireis iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, a reversing camera and a sat-nav system. You cannot be expecting much luxury considering that it’s the handwork of the guys at Group C Le Mans Racing.

As usual we try to bring you a candy feast for your eyes.

Ultima Evolution gear stick
Ultima Evolution wheels
Ultima Evolution steering options
Ultima Evolution mirror
Ultima Evolution interior (2)
Ultima Evolution (2)
Ultima Evolution spoiler
Ultima Evolution dashboard
Ultima Evolution sports car
Ultima Evolution convertible
Ultima Evolution headlights
Ultima Evolution 1020 bhp car

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