‘The Stig’ wants to reveal identity; BBC Bosses red in rage!

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Top Gear’s, controversial character, The Stig is probably bored, broke and pissed off.
 The show’s three most popular presenters- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are highly paid to be themselves, while The Stig receives a flat fee for being the soul-less white martian who always comes draped in a racing suit and a lid. The cash flow from the merchandise bearing The Stig’s image doesn’t even come close to paying his laundry bills.
So now, the poor chap wants to pen down an autobiography which will probably fetch him some extra buck. However, in the process The Stig would have to reveal his identity. And this has made the big guns at BBC mighty mad. It is reported that lawyer’s letters have been exchanged between the BBC and The Stig and if he still wants to go ahead with his autobiographical plans, then he would definately get fired.
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