The one-off Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is how a wealthy British customer treats himself

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Ferrari 458MM Speciale (4)

If  you’re immensely wealthy, love Ferrari (probably-own-half-a-dozen-of-them wealthy), thrive on exclusivity, but absolutely despise the new era of turbocharging, or in this case, the new 488, here’s how you play. You commission your own Ferrari. That’s exactly what a British Ferrari aficionado billionaire did – demanded that the iconic Italian brand make him a naturally aspiarted one-off. Called the 458 MM Speciale, it is based on the free-revving and much loved 458 Speciale.

The exotic, one of its kind in the world, uses the same chassis and running gear as the 458 Speciale, but features completely new, custom bodywork handcrafted in aluminium with composite carbon fiber bumpers on both ends. Designed in house by Ferrari Styling Center, the one-off gets a restyled glasshouse with blacked-out A-pillars for a “visor” effect, broader C-pillars, new side air scoops that provides additional cooling to the engine bay and a new rear spoiler for increased downforce.

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The new rear light clusters and rear end treatment are a nod to the new 488, while the set of five-spoke alloy wheels with a twin-spoke design have been exclusively made for the 458 MM Speciale . The exteriors are shaded in Bianco Italia with the Italian flag’s colours forming the body stripes. Inside, upgrades to the 458’s cabin include Cioccolato leather upholstery with white stitching, satin white rings around the tunnel controls and an enhanced audio system.

Performance details are scarce, but since the 458 MM Speciale is powered by the same, naturally aspirated, screamer of a V8 motor from the 458 Speciale, it’d be safe to assume that the one-off scampers to 100 kph from naught in just 3 seconds and on to a top speed 325 km/h. The mid-mounted, 4.5-liter engine makes 597 HP and 540 Nm of torque, all of which is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The price of the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale remains undisclosed.

Ferrari 458MM Speciale (4)
Ferrari 458MM Speciale (3)
Ferrari 458MM Speciale (2)
Ferrari 458MM Speciale (1)


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