The New Aprilia RS 660 Looks Like It’s All The Fast Fun You Need

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The all-new Aprilia RS 660 has been unveiled at the EICMA 2019. Created around a totally new technical base, the motorcycle is powered by a parallel-twin engine and is supported by electronics and technology of the Aprilia Racing department. The firstborn in this brand-new generation of Aprilia bikes, the RS 660 marks the start of a new era for Aprilia.

Aprilia RS 660 Front

Tipping the scales at 169 kilos dry, the RS 660 is powered by a 660 cc twin, capable of delivering 100 hp. The 660 cc motor is a forward-facing parallel-twin which is Euro5 homologated and very compact. It is derived from the front bank of the 1100 cc V4, from which it takes its concepts and measurements. This configuration is chosen due to its compactness and efficiency, due to its very limited transmission of heat to the rider, and the freedom it gives engineers to exploit the spaces and create a slim, lightweight chassis. The DOHC motor gets 270-degree crankpins which promise an exciting weight/power ratio.

side profile

The exhaust system includes a single tailpipe with asymmetric double exit positioned below the engine and contributes to the centralisation of masses. A full electronic suite, directly adapted from those of the Aprilia V4 and which include multimap Ride-by-Wire electronic acceleration for precise throttle management without low-speed stuttering, while also optimising fuel consumption. The RS 660 is equipped with an advanced six-axis inertial platform that gets accelerometers and gyroscopes and records and processes the inputs that result from riding and sends the data to a control unit that intervenes to optimise the control parameters. The Aprilia RS 660 APRC includes:

  • ATC: Aprilia Traction Control
  • AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control
  • ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control
  • AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift (Up and Down)
  • AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake
  • AEM: Aprilia Engine Map
  • Aprilia cornering ABS

A step-up from entry-level motorcycles, the main physical traits of the styling is typical of Aprilia V4 bikes and include a triple front LED light assembly, complete with perimeter DRL lights positioned on the profile of the two main headlamps. The indicators are integrated into the two DRL profiles and the lighting system also incorporates a twilight sensor, which activates the low beam lights automatically. Additionally, cornering lights illuminate the entire turn when riding.

Aprilia RS 660

Aprilia calls the riding position as comfortable, comprising a spacious seat located on the tapered tail fairing (accessories also include a single-seat tail fairing) which incorporates the passenger seat portion, with correctly raised footpegs and a pair of clip-ons mounted above the upper steering plate. This results in a seat-handlebar-footpeg triangulation that is not overly front-loaded. The RS 660 flaunts a new lightweight structure comprising the frame and swingarm, both in aluminium, with characteristics that are truly unique for the category.

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The engine is a load-bearing element, which contributes to a structure that is compact, lightweight and rigid. The particular mounting of the adjustable shock allows for excellent progression even without linkage, for an important weight saving. In designing the frame, Aprilia engineers paid particular attention to the steering headstock area, in order to guarantee the necessary stability on the road, as well as during track usage, while keeping the turning circle to a minimum to facilitate daily riding.

Aprilia RS 660 Studio

The chassis is suspended by upside-down Kayaba fork with 41 mm stanchions and a braking system comprising, at the front end, a pair of 320 mm steel discs, a pair of radial callipers and a radial cylinder, all by Brembo. The bike also gets a colour TFT digital instrument cluster. The two screens available for selection, Road or Track (both with an automatic night or day backlighting, thanks to the presence of a twilight sensor), correspond with two represented indices. Aprilia MIA, the new Aprilia multimedia platform that allows a smartphone to be connected to the bike, further extending instrument cluster functions, is available as an optional. It also introduces a navigation function, which allows the rider to view directions directly on the instrument cluster having set a journey destination on the smartphone.

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