The Much-Awaited Reborn Lamborghini Counatch Leaks!

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Well it looks like the mystery has finally been solved! Or maybe a big chunk of it. After countless teasers of Lamborghini’s reborn Counatch, we finally get to see its design with the help of leaks. There was a lot of mystery regarding its platform and whether it will be an all-new car. With the leaked pics we can finally confirm that the new Counatch will be based on the Aventador platform. Let’s take a look at the design.

lamborghini countach leaked front


The new Counatch retains its wedge shape from the original Counatch and that is a good start at retaining its identity. Unfortunately, it won’t feature pop-up headlights due to current regulations however the upright square LEDs do try to recreate the profile of it. The alloys are also ‘telephone dial’ styled alloys which are similar to the 1971 Countach’s wheels. Two large air scoops have been added behind the doors and the rear features slimmed taillights. If you may remember, the limited edition Sian carries the same taillights. One can notice many hints of the Aventador such as the wing mirrors. Lamborghini had also released some teasers before which gave us a look at the design details of the Italian supercar.

lamborghini countach leaked rear

The first teaser shows the sharp front nose with the Countach badge. The photo also shows us the slim grille and the aggressive front splitter. The second teaser solves the mystery of the Countach’s powertrain. It shows us the engine bay which has gold accents. It houses none other than a v12 engine. The final image reveals the air intake behind the passenger compartment. The intake’s square-ish shape looks nearly identical to the one on the original supercar. A black fuel filler cap sits just ahead of it with the Lamborghini badge. The air intake is very similar to the original Countach’s intake thus indicating that the new one will draw heavy inspiration from the old Countach. Other details include the lack of a rear spoiler.

lamborghini countach leaked side


The Counatch will pack a detuned version of the Sián FKP 37’s, which powers its 34-hp electric motor by way of a supercapacitor in place of a more typical battery pack. Whereas the Sián FKP 37’s 6.5-liter V-12 and electric motor work together to produce a combined peak of 807 hp, the new Countach will make 789 hp. The Countach will likely be called LPI 800-4 which detonates the 800hp power output and 4wd system.

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