The Jawa Shows Off Its Retro And Shines In A Shade Of Wine – 50+ Images & Video

A motorcycle which resembles the original - the Jawa is back. Find an image gallery and a walk around video


The one which resembles the original, the Jawa has been the biggest draw for fans of the brand since they announced its rebirth. We are at the media ride event for Jawa’s two brand new motorcycles and are bound by an embargo until tomorrow, post which, we’ll dish out a comprehensive review of the two bikes. Until then, here’s an image gallery and a walk around video which lets you take a closer look at this retro-styled Jawa and all its details, shining under a winter morning’s sun.

Jawa (Classic) side profile(17)

Both, the Jawa 42 and the Jawa can now be booked online and in-store bookings and test rides will begin on the 15th of december, 2018. Powering the Jawa and the Jawa 42 is a 293cc engine which is good for 27 bhp and 28 Nm, paired with a 6-speed gearbox. Fuel tank capacity for both bikes stands at 14-litres and both get a 280 mm front disc brake and rear drum with single channel ABS.

Jawa (Classic)seat (13)
Jawa (Classic) turn indicator(40)
Jawa (Classic) tail light(35)
Jawa (Classic) Sideways view(7)
Jawa (Classic) Sideways view(2)
Jawa (Classic) side profile(17)
Jawa (Classic) rear tyre(11)
Jawa (Classic) rear three quarters(3)
Jawa (Classic) rear tail section(10)
Jawa (Classic) rear suspension(19)
Jawa (Classic) Rear section(1)
Jawa (Classic) Rear section and exhuast tip(8)
Jawa (Classic) rear fender(33)
Jawa (Classic) rear drum brake(37)
Jawa (Classic) radiator(28)
Jawa (Classic) Key slot(6)
Jawa (Classic) instrument cluster(26)
Jawa (Classic) Ignition key(4)
Jawa (Classic) horn (31)
Jawa (Classic) headlight nacelle(29)
Jawa (Classic) head on(18)
Jawa (Classic) head on(12)
Jawa (Classic) fuel tank chrome(9)
Jawa (Classic) front section(36)
Jawa (Classic) front fender(20)
Jawa (Classic) front disc brake(30)
Jawa (Classic) footpegs(25)
Jawa (Classic) exhaust system(41)
Jawa (Classic) exhaust (21)
Jawa (Classic) disc brake assembly(32)
Jawa (Classic) battery cover(34)
Jawa (Classic) (44)
Jawa (Classic) (43)
Jawa (Classic) (42)
Jawa (Classic) (39)
Jawa (Classic) (38)
Jawa (Classic) (27)
Jawa (Classic) (24)
Jawa (Classic) (23)
Jawa (Classic) (22)
Jawa (Classic) (16)
Jawa (Classic) (15)
Jawa Roadster (6)
Jawa Roadster (4)
Jawa Roadster (3)
Jawa Roadster (2)
Jawa Roadster (1)
Jawa Classic Red
Jawa side

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