The Honda 150SS Racer Concept’s simplistic brilliance must spill over to everyday commuters

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Revealed at the Bangkok Motor Show, the Honda 150SS Racer Concept is a neo-cafe racer that commands all your attention. Just look at it. One of its wheels rolls into the future with panache, while the other drags along hints of simple brilliance from the past. A clean, yet sinewy design, there are plenty of unique touches on the bike which please the vision to no end.


For instance, take a look at those undrilled disc brakes, the dalmatian pattern on that sexy, saxophone like exhaust, and those opaque, frisbee wheels. The Honda 150SS Racer Concept’s front is accentuated by a simple round headlamp that is embedded with modern day illumination bits and is capped by an unassuming, yet new age instrument cluster.


Then there are those beefy USD forks, aggressively designed extensions, and a carved lip on the tank which hides an unusual, but innovative space for the turn indicators. As is the case with most concepts these days, there’s a gyro cam at the back, and one embedded within the instrument console too.


With all that minimal bodywork wrapped around a trellis frame, this grown up Grom is said to be powered by a 150cc motors, details about which are sketchy. But if this is the way forward for the premium commuter segment, we love the future already.


And if the Navi is any proof, Honda isn’t shy of being bold anymore. We’d love to see this Honda 150SS Racer Concept come to life someday with a Hornet sticker somewhere on its bodywork.

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