VIDEO: These toothpaste hacks are for those who like their machines spotless

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I know people who carry two extra kerchiefs in their pockets. One for their car/bike and one for the shoe. I know my father has passed that habit to me. And if you are someone who loves their belongings to be spotless, these simple toothpaste hacks will certainly help. All you need is some Colgate, a few minutes, some cotton and a used toothbrush. That reminds me, I know someone who carries a toothbrush in their bag of many things and uses it almost every hour too.


These hacks help to ensure that nooks and crannies which are otherwise difficult to reach are squeaky clean and maybe hygienic too. Not that you’re going to lick it, but maybe you might. So the next time when you’re out on a Sunday morning, going about your shampoo, water and spit-polish business, do remember to carry some of your dental care accessories too. Avoid using namak wala toothpaste. The results could annoy you just as much as the girl in the advert does. Remember us and thank the creator of this video if you are pleased with the results. Remember that you don’t know us if these hacks end up damaging any part of your car or motorbike. Happy Foaming.

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