The Ducati Scrambler Club Italia Might be the Most Exclusive Scrambler, Ever!

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Scramblers have a tendency to evoke the nostalgic love and admiration of motorcycles. They reflect the pure joy of motorcycling and manage to tug at our heartstrings the moment we swing a leg over them. Bless the folks over at Ducati who blessed the current generation of motorcyclists with Scramblers! When Ducati revived the Scrambler brand, motorcyclists around the globe loved the idea of an affordable Ducati which remained stylish, retained the manic characteristics and had a rich legacy. It became an instant success and turned fortunes for Ducati.

Ducati has often rolled limited edition Scramblers to enhance the great versatility of the basic project. Ducati has a long-standing relationship with Scuderia Club Italia and to celebrate the same spirit, they have rolled out a special edition called Ducati Scrambler 1100 Club Italia. It is based the 1100 Sport Pro with exclusive finishes and details.

Ducati Scrambler Club Italia

What is Scuderia Italia Club?

The Scuderia Italia club was founded in 1989 by drivers, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts who were into vintage and racing cars. And currently, the club promotes Italian cars through sporting events or motor shows, and it also develops and designs its own versions of cars and motorcycles. The Scrambler Club Italia edition is a product of the club collaborating with Ducati Design Centre.

Ducati Scrambler Club Italia 2

How exclusive is the Ducati Scrambler Club Italia edition?

It might be the most exclusive Scrambler to ever come out of Ducati’s stable because normal people like us, simply can’t get one. It will be exclusively produced for the ranks of Scuderia Club Italia, an organization with a cap of 80 members. In order for you to own one, you will have to wait till one of the club members decides to sell it. The bike comes in a deep metallic blue with bright red pinstriping that extracts the best from the elegant profile of the tank, and that alone sets it apart from any other Ducati Scrambler. The profile of the tank flows into that of a unique seat in genuine red leather trim.

Ducati Scrambler Club Italia 1

It also comes with a polished aluminium subframe. The front and rear fenders are aluminium as well, with tricolour paint, and there’s a set of blacked-out spoked wheels. In terms of mechanical changes, Ducati has included a set of Termignoni titanium mufflers. There are some billet aluminium bits: tank cap, brake and clutch levers, LED indicator bodies, brake and clutch fluid reservoirs, frame plugs, and footpegs. On a more practical note, there’s also a mesh headlight guard.

Mechanical specs

The Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro, the motorcycle on which this limited-edition is based, is the top-of-the-line Ducati Scrambler available today. It gets high-quality components, from the Öhlins 48mm fork and cantilevered rear shock absorber to the Brembo twin 320mm rotors and M4.32 Monoblock radial callipers. Officially the great ol’ 1,100 SOHC air-cooled twin comes in stock tuning at 86 hp at 7,500 rpm. In India, we get three Scrambler 1100 models including the base Scrambler 1100, the special edition and the Scrambler 1100 Sport.

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The Club Italia edition is so elegant and exclusive that Ducati should seriously consider bringing a mass-produced version of the same.


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