The Cheetah themed Mahindra XUV 5OO

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Mahindra XUV Cheetah Theme

This would be one of the very few creations to be pure cosmetic than a utility upgrade considering the likes of the customized Boleros (read Stinger) to roll out of Mahindra Customisation (MC). Nonetheless, enthused by the contributions of the XUV fans, Mahindra Customisation have created a CHEETAH themed XUV 5OO to capture the very essence of the beast, the vehicle has drawn inspiration from. Though too early to say if this would be available for sale or just a one off concept.

Mahindra XUV Rally

If given a choice, we’d anyday pick the rally version of the XUV that witnessed a podium finish at the Desert Storm Rally of 2012. But on the other hand we’re sure that MC would find takers for the air-brushed Cheetah theme too.

So what’s your choice?

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