The ‘Boss’ of all Mustangs is here!

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What you see here is the fastest, quickest and the best handling production Mustang ever! Christened the 302 Boss, Ford has just released the pictures and details on this new member in the illustrious Mustang family.
The Boss monicker is not new for the Mustang brand. Indeed. Ford created the original Boss in the year1969 and now the company is reviving the brand that stands for stripped out, lightweight action for the year 2011.

Ford Mustang 302 Boss

The Boss is based on the recently launched Mustang GT. Every part of the car has been worked upon by Ford to reduce weight and optimize performance. There is a 5.0-litre V8 American muscle under the hood dishing out 440bhp of raw aggression against the ‘regular’ car’s 410bhp. Ford have lowered the suspension and introduced adjustable dampers to make sure that this baby goes as fast as it looks good.

Like any other Mustang, there’s a truckload of stuff to drool on. The Boss looks aggressive and carries tons of attitude, with its muscular detailing, great colour schemes, and those great alloys. The interior is not much different from the regular Ford Mustang GT, except for for a couple of trim differences and an additional intrumentation set sitting on the dashboard, right above the centre console.
The car will go on sale in America in the year 2011.

Ford Mustang 302 Boss

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