The BMW R18 Is Probably The Prettiest Thing You Will See Today

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Have you ever come across a motorcycle so alluring that you just want to get inside the screen and be there next to it? Run your hands all around the bodywork, experience the rhythm of its engine? You might feel exactly the same when you see BMW Motorrad’s pre-war inspired retro motorcycle, the R18. This gorgeous retro cruiser calls back to the gorgeous simplicity of the 1936 BMW R5.

BMW R18 1

This pretty motorcycle was first showcased in its concept avatar last year at Villa D’este and the wait for it to enter production was haunting to say the least because while at a stand still, it called for legit admiration. All of us thought that this is just a concept and when it enters into production, it will definitely lose some of its defining traits but guess what? It didn’t. Even in its production guise, it looks fantastic.



BMW R18 2

The interesting thing is, it isn’t just gorgeous but packs quite a decent punch as well.

BMW R18 3

One of the most defining feature apart from the looks is its massive 1.8-liter horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine. This is the biggest boxer that BMW has ever offered — by over half a liter — and it’s still air-cooled. The performance figures are quite impressive though as the massive boxer engine is good for 91 hp and a whopping 157 nm of torque. Such performance on tap is definitely required to get something going which weighs a massive 345 kg wet! It’s considerably fast though as it can do the 0-100 kmph sprint in just 4.8 seconds.


Looks drop dead gorgeous, has good performance on tap… what else does one need, right? Well, the BMW R18 has gone one step ahead and have included a pretty decent set of electronics too. R18 features multiple ride modes which include Rock, Roll and Rain. The former being the most aggressive ride mode, with access to the bike’s full power and torque. Roll mode is analogous to most motorcycles’ Road mode, while Rain offers softer throttle response and more limited power and torque. The bike also features the classic BMW boxer large single-disc dry clutch and a six-speed gearbox. It will also come with a reverse gear as an option.

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The R18 is available in two trims: Standard version and first trim. The latter pays tribute to the beemers of the days gone by with all kinds of pinstriping and chrome. The prices of the BMW R18 are out too and the standard version costs $17,495 in USA which translates to INR 13.37 lakh and the first edition is priced at $19,870 (INR 15.18 Lakh).

While we aren’t sure whether it will make its way to India or not but the first thing we are going to do is get its posters printed and stick them on our walls.

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