The Aprilia RS660 Sounds Just The Way an Aprilia Should!

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The Aprilia RS660 has been in the news ever since the maker first introduced the motorcycle at EICMA in 2019. Recently, Aprilia officially launched the RS660 in international markets. There are many reasons to love the RS660. Be it its approachable twin-cylinder motor, gorgeous looks, comprehensive electronics package to name a few. But the biggest factor of them all is the fact that it’s an Aprilia! Aprilia is renowned for making one of the most exciting motorcycles in the whole sphere.

Following the footprints

Another thing which makes the high-end Aprilias so desirable is their raspy exhaust note. Ungodly is the word which best defines how the RSV4 and the Tuono V4 sound on full chatter. And it turns out, the RS660 is no different.

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Hours have been spent listening to the Aprilia V4 twins making the racetracks and the valleys rumble with their roar. The same is going to get repeated in the case of RS660 as well. Now that Aprilia has officially launched the RS660 for international markets, publications around the globe are getting a chance to spend some time with this middleweight screamer. ‘Screamer’ because it sounds freaking amazing for a twin-cylinder motorcycle!

You wouldn’t expect a twin-cylinder motorcycle to deliver some nice background score while you are carving the canyons but the RS660 shines in this department. Videos have started flowing on the internet, revealing how the RS660 sounds in real life and needless to say, we are impressed!

The exhaust note isn’t smooth and expecting that from an Aprilia would be a sin. Aprilia motorcycles are renowned for their raspy exhaust note which might send shivers down your spine. While the RS660 might not sound as ungodly as its bigger and badder brother, it still lives up to its name. Slapping an aftermarket exhaust should amplify things even further. We are waiting for giants like Akrapovic or Yoshimura to develop a full-system exhaust for the middleweight Aprilia. The end result should be no less than eargasmic!

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Powered by a liquid-cooled 659cc parallel twin-cylinder engine with a 270° crank, it’s essentially the front half of the V4 RSV4 1100 and uses the same 81mm bore and a 63.9mm stroke. It produces a class-leading 99bhp, has 49ftlb of torque and weighs just 183kg ready to go. The fact that the RS660’s engine is derived from the RSV4, explains why it sounds so amazing despite being a twin-cylinder machine. As far as styling goes, Aprilia RS 660 borrow design cues heavily from RSV4 which is identifiable even from a considerable distance, all thanks to its triple-headlamp setup. The videos which have surfaced online reveal that even in person, the RS660 has all the curves and the right shades to make us fall for it. What completes the sharp look of the motorcycle is the RSV4-inspired rear-end. Given that the motorcycle’s origin is Italian and they are known for all things beautiful, the RS 660 has a gorgeous fairing and a beautifully carved fuel tank.

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Unsurprisingly, Aprilia has loaded the RS 660 up to the brim with modern-day electronics package called the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC). This six-axis IMU-based system includes three-level cornering ABS, adjustable wheelie control, traction control and engine brake control. We can’t wait for the RS660 to arrive here as well and if it doesn’t, we riot!

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