The All-Electric Mini Cooper SE Is Scheduled To Launch Globally By March 2020

Recently, Mini Cooper successfully managed to combine urban mobility with pure electric power by making their first all-electric vehicle, the Mini Cooper SE.

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Recently, the Iconic British brand, Mini successfully managed to combine urban mobility with pure electric power by making their first all-electric production-ready vehicle, the Mini Cooper SE. This eco-friendly 3-door hatch has a new zero-emission powertrain that makes it possible to blend sustainable mobility and a new exciting form of travel. The expressive design cues and premium build quality also play an important role in making the SE look and feel like a typical Mini. The Mini Cooper SE will be launched by the end of this fiscal year, which is March 2020.

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Mechanically, the Mini Electric gets a 184 HP motor and a brand-specific front-wheel-drive system, while the innovative driving dynamics system with wheel slip limiting close to the actuator to provide the car with a distinct form of agility, known as the go-kart feeling. The Mini SE is also equipped with a model-specific lithium-ion battery pack that enables a range of around 235 to 270 kms. This high-voltage battery is situated deep in the vehicle floor, ensuring there are no limitations in terms of luggage compartment volume as compared to the convention petrol-powered Mini 3-door.

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With the new Cooper SE, Mini once again sets a pioneering example in the sustainable urban mobility segment. Back in 1959, the revolutionary design principle of the classic Mini had established the basis for maximum interior space within a minimum surface area. The Mini was then re-launched in 2001, as a modern re-interpretation of creative space usage and unique riding fun that became the original in the premium segment of small cars. The new Mini Cooper SE will now be the first all-electric premium small car in Mini’s lineup across the world and will pave the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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Some unique features of the new Mini Cooper SE:

  • First Mini to run on electrical power only
  • Gets an electric motor which produces 135 kW/184 hp and 270 Nm
  • Provides a range of 235 to 270 kilometres
  • Can be charged at a household socket, wall box or public charging stations, fast direct-current charging possible at up to 50 kW
  • Outstanding agility due to spontaneous power delivery, low centre of gravity, front-wheel-drive system and a wheel slip limiting close to the actuator
  • Acceleration from 0-100 kmph in 7.3 seconds
  • 3-door design with model-specific accentuations
  • Model-specific display and control elements in the interior
  • Recuperation can be configured at 2 levels for individual one-pedal feeling
  • Standard equipment features include LED headlamps, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, heating with heat pump technology, auxiliary heating, electric parking brake and Connected Navigation

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Commenting on the car, Senior Vice President MINI, Bernd Koerber said, “For us, the MINI ELECTRIC is not just a car, but the beginning of an all-in-one solution for urban mobility that we have dedicated ourselves to. The MINI ELECTRIC has all the latest MINI Connected services plus pioneering features such as a sharing function. The owner can share the use of his MINI via MINI Connected with family members, friends or other people by means of a smartphone which allows him or her to unlock and start the car. Until the launch, we will be able to offer further innovative services and features in an electric ecosystem.”

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Speaking about the new Mini Cooper SE, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Pieter Nota said, “At the BMW Group our goal is clear: To be the driver of premium electric mobility. Our strategy is proving successful: Last year in Europe, we sold more electrified vehicles than anyone else. At the end of 2019, we will have over half a million electrified vehicles on the road. And we continue to step up the pace: Already in 2023, we will offer 25 electrified vehicles – two years earlier than originally planned. More than half will be fully electric. Next year customers can look forward to the BMW iX3. And 2021 will be a truly phenomenal year for the BMW Group with the launch of the BMW i4 and our new technology flagship, the iNEXT.”

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