Terra Motors debuts in India with the R6 electric three wheeler


Terra Motors R6

Founded in 2010, Terra Motors Corporation is a Japanese electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer based in Shibuya. After showcasing its range in India at the 2014 Auto Expo in Delhi, Terra Motors makes its first foray in the Indian market with the R6 electric three-wheeler. The company claims that the three-wheeler is certified for safety and durability and they’re aiming for 10,000 units of sales for electric three wheelers within 2015. Currently two to three other electric three-wheelers are in the development stage.

Terra Motors R6 electric three wheeler


The auto-rickshaw style rain covers can be pulled down to keep the rain away from the passengers

The Terra R6 is 2950 mm long, 1090 mm wide and 1800 mm high, with the chassis weighing 278 kgs and the 48V 100Ah battery tipping the scales at 150 kgs. Those dimesnions, along with a relatively smaller turning radius of 3.2 meters ensures that maneuverability in tight places is not an issue. The R6 has a loading capacity of 1+6 people assuming an average weight of 70 kgs per person. On a full battery charge, the R6 can run for 100 kms, but the contraption can climb a maximum incline of just 10 degrees. The R6 employs drum brakes all around, and looks aesthetically bare to the core.

Terra R6

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