Tata working on new, shorter, Indigo Manza CS



Tata Motors are working on a new version of the Indigo CS – the Manza CS. Just like the earlier Indigo CS, the Manza CS will also be less than 4 meters long and will avail the excise duty cut offered by the government on such cars. The earlier Indigo CS was terrific value for money, and we can expect the same with the Manza CS as well.

The new car will have the same engines as the current Vista / Manza. However, from what our sources tell us, the new car is going to look different from the current Manza, from the front. According to our sources, Tata is planning to tweak the front end of the car and give it a slightly different face. unlike the current Vista / Manza, the Manza CS will have the headlights merging into the grille. The gap between the grille and the headlamps, on the current Vista / Manza models will be eliminated.

Even though the overall length of the car will be reduced, the interior space will remain the same, and the Manza CS will be as spacious on the inside as the standard Manza. The boot size will be reduced, but it would still be much, much more than that of a hatch, while still being offered at almost the same price as some other brands’ hatchback cars.



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