Tata Nano to pay Nepal a visit

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Believe it or not, but cars manufactured by Tata Motors are the most sought after vehicles in Nepal. So much, that the carmaker enjoys a 22% market share in Nepal, with the most popular model being the Indica Vista. Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, the Kathmandu-based Nepali company which is the sole dealer for Tata vehicles in the Himalayan republic, claims to have sold 700 Vista in the last fiscal. So it comes in as no surprise that Tata is now looking forward to launch the Nano in Nepal pretty soon. While Sipradi confirms that Tata has promised an early 2011 launch for the Nano is Nepal, the trading company will in fact receive five Nanos next month to commence test drives in various regions of the Himalayan republic.

“The first five cars will be test-driven in different locations in Kathmandu, including hilly terrain and downhill, to gauge the Nano’s suitability for Nepal’s roads,” said Pravin Khatiwada, head of Sipradi’s Passenger Car Business Unit division. Owing to the 205% percent combines duties in Nepal, the base variant of the Nano is expected to cost a whooping five lakh rupees! That would still entitle the Nano to be called the cheapest car in Nepal and hence is one of the most awaited cars in the republic. Well, an open-top version of the Nano in the hilly regions of Nepal would be really romantic, isn’t it? Ahem, back to work…

Source: Economic Times

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