Tata Nano to be tweaked further!

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Tata Nano

The Tata Nano has very rightfully earned its title as the world’s most cheapest/affordable car. But however, after certain feedback received by Tata Motors, the firm has announced its plans to further tune or tweak the Nano. The tuning will be done within six months with an intention to improve the performance offered by the car. Presently, the car has a rev limit up to 5000rpm which will be raised to 6000rpm to facilitate better acceleration, especially in the first two gears. The car may also feature a new five-speed gearbox. But however, this feature will not be introduced in India. The reason behind this is that Tata Motors does not want to increase the electronically limited top speed of 105kmph. The company has cited safety reasons for the move. A Tata Motors engineer stated, “With a top speed of 105kph, five gear ratios are unnecessary and could result in excessive gear changing for the driver.”

The car will feature a modified outside rear view mirror (ORVM) assembly. The assembly is ready to be introduced but needs ARAI approval. The car presently features an ORVM which has to be adjusted by the movement of the entire unit. The new design will make the job easier. The new ORVM can be adjusted from within the housing itself (only mirror movements). The new design will be further upgraded to feature electrically powered mirrors. The car will also feature a check-strap to limit the door opening.

The Tata Nano presently lacks a tail-gate that can be opened. Due to this, the luggage area can only be accessed only from within the car by folding the rear seat. The car will soon feature a new tail-gate that will not have visible hinges. This will keep up the smoothness of the shape of the Nano.

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