Tata Nano Power Steering variant to be launched next month

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Tata Nano

It has emerged that the Tata Motors could launch the Tata Nano power steering variant by middle of next month.

Not much is known about the upcoming Tata Nano power steering variant but our guess is that the power steering feature would warrant the launch of a new flagship variant, which would obviously be priced higher than the ‘LX’, the current top end trim level.

The addition of power steering means that many prospective small car buyers, who shy away from Nano because of the lack of power steering option, would find themselves headed to Tata Motors showrooms. 

The launch of the Tata Nano power steering variant will be followed by that of the highly anticipated diesel variant.

Powering the Tata Nano is an 800 cc oil burner that has a max power output of 40PS. The engine is currently the smallest diesel engine in the world to have a turbocharger. The engine’s turbocharger comes from Honeywell and it is being said that the motor could have an ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure of around 40kmpl! This would translate into running costs so low that you might actually want to mock at some of your biker friends.

With a competitive selling price, additional features such as the Power Steering unit and a diesel engine that could stretch a litre of stickier fuel to almost 40kmpl, the Nano is looking all poised to become the next big thing in the world of affordable motoring. The Tata Nano diesel could be unveiled at the upcoming 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.

Source: Rohin Nagrani on Twitter

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