Tata Motors Pulls The Chain To Stop Our Trains; Teases New Images Of Their Expo Stars


When people go crazy, they walk a very thin line between absurd and astonishing. Tata Motors is fully leaned towards the latter. The carmaker has teased two new images from the cabin of their showstoppers which will be revealed at the upcoming Auto Expo 2018. While we were still picking up our jaws from the floor after they gave us a glimpse of the exterior design, they’ve made us sit and take notice again with some new images.

The first image is from the door pad which probably belongs to their new X451 premium hatchback. There’s a blue fabric insert at the top, below which, images of the front seat have been carved into an ivory white insert. At the very bottom, one can even notice some woodwork. But what has all our attention are those two classy dials which rise up from a satin finished panel painted in Urban Titanium. Tata Motors wants us to guess what those controls could be for and we think the dials let you adjust the fore and aft movement of the front seat.

The second image belongs to the centre console of their H5 SUV where a satin silver insert boomerangs under a wood-finished panel. It looks like it has been embedded with pressure sensitive, touch controls for the fan speed, a Home button for the infotainment display, a hazard light switch and wait a minute, is that a switch to refresh the cabin with some fragrance? Well, it isn’t clear, but it also looks like a button to lock and unlock the doors. Look closely and you’d notice leather-finished grab handles on each side and what looks like a phone resting on a wireless charging pad in between.

Tata’s Auto Expo 2018 Stars will show up next week and from what we know, there’s a Baleno and i20 rivalling premium hatchback and an all-new 5-seater SUV which will go up against the likes of the Creta. The same vehicle will have a more premium and expensive 7-seater variant.

Both SUVs will be powered by the 2.0-litre Multijet II motor which also propels the Compass. We’ll be there at the Auto Expo to bring you more details from the event as and when it unfolds. Stay tuned!


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