Tata Motors to make an appearance in Singham Returns

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I watched the latest installment of Transformers last night and there were certain scenes, which induced a feeling of deja vu. My friend and our neighbors and me were surprised to feel that same feeling. We all agreed Michael Bay has been watching a lot of Bollywood movies. The cars and machines were the biggest draw for me though and this new installment has a lot of visual lollies. The Aventador, the cough-syrup coloured Huayra, the Camaro, the Veyron, it was a festival of some sorts.


Now, closer home, director Rohit Shetty, who is known to feature a lot of cars in his movies, is about to come out with a sequel to his movie Singham, called ‘Singham Returns’. This time around Tata cars will feature in the movie, so while Michael Bay has been busy watching Bollywood movies, we hope Rohit Shetty was doing the opposite and has taken some inspiration to make the cars in his movies as popular as the lead actor. He says,”Ajay is playing Bajirao Singham again, and his macho image is enhanced by the Tata Safari Storme, his vehicle in the film. Other Tata Motors vehicles have been used in the film too.”


According to Tata’s press release, the Aria, Grande, Xenon and the Safari Storme make an appearance in the movie. We’d love to watch these vehicles replete with off-roading gear, looking meaner than those CIA trucks in Transformers, as they venture deep inside a jungle where ‘Singham’ is out to hunt his prey, the villian. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Singham translates to a ‘Lion’ in English. No need to go to Kenya for that Lion Safari then, thank you Bollywood for saving my money.

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