Suzuki launches Slingshot Plus

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Suzuki Motorcycle India have launched a ‘new’ variant of the Slingshot. Christened Slingshot ‘Plus’ (oh come on, you can be innovative with the names at least). As you would expect the ‘new’ variant doesn’t have any mechanical changes. The Plus variant gets a new visor, which is different from the stock Slingshot. And you have to pay Rs 1000 extra over the standard Slingshot for this ‘exclusive’ bit.

We really wonder sometimes about what the marketing blokes at these companies are really up to. It’s a known and established fact that such gimmicks don’t work unless you are a Hero Honda. So what really drives such acts? For all I can make out, these mid life facelifts, which never do anyone any good are just a means to show the top management that ‘something’ is happening, and have something to write on those quarterly and annual action reports.

Suzuki is known worldwide for the performance and quality of its bikes. Their tagline for India is ‘Ride World Class’. And we are sure that they have the potential to deliver some world class bikes to the commuters and the enthusiasts alike. We really think that the makers of the legendary ‘Busa can do much better than launching ‘Plus’ variants of their bikes.

The Slingshot plus is available in three variants

  • Drum, Alloy, Kick start
  • Drum, Alloy, Self Start
  • Disc, Alloy, Self Start
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