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new Suzuki Kizashi D-Segment sedan

This is the new Suzuki Kizashi D-Segment sedan that will launched by year-end.

The Kizashi looks looks like a spruced up SX4 when viewed head-on, while the bulbous rear end, roomy though it might be, looks totally unsightly. However a fugly derriere never stopped the Dzire from being a super-hit, did it? The interiors however are top notch with a de rigueur, dual-tone, floating dash, nice flowing lines and loads of space.

The Kizashi will come with a 2.4 litre petrol engine, equipped with variable valve timing, a six speed manual gearbox and an optional CVT automatic transmission. The Kizashi will also spawn a hybrid and a 4-wheel drive version later, though how much of all this (apart from the manual) will make its way to India remains to be seen.

new Suzuki Kizashi D-Segment sedan Dashboard and steering that will launched by year-end.

In terms of features and size, the Kizashi is a direct rival to the Accord and Camry. But Expect Maruti-Suzuki to come up with pricing very close to the Civic, Corolla Altis, Laura and the upcoming Chevy Cruze, hoping to cause a major upheaval in the entry-luxury segment.

Whether the Kizashi will be able to achieve what the Hyundai Sonata never could?

Well, judgding by our nations love for Marutis, the Kizashi might just pull it off.

new Suzuki Kizashi D-Segment sedan Kizashi rear side view

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