Superbike ownership experiences in India: Girish Sharma speaks of his addiction with the BMW K1300R

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From the various superbike ownerships we have featured, this is one bike that would rank amongst the very top on our superbike lust list. But at the moment as we keep fuming away with jealousy, one lucky bloke by the name of Girish Sharma aka Micky from Pune is having a ball with the 173 bhp Bavarian projectile under his ownership.

In an age where most biking enthusiasts usually make their way up from single cylinder motorcycles- Micky’s yearning for that sensuous symphony of an inline four is very much reflected in the bikes he has owned in the past with the present being no different. So what does it feel to own and run one of the most powerful machines in the supernaked segment? Here’s Micky answering it all on his ownership of the so very desirable BMW K1300R.

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When did you buy your BMW K1300R?
My beloved Beemer arrived on the 28th of May 2012.

Which bikes did you own prior to the BMW K1300R?
Well, the list of bikes I previously owned is surprisingly lengthy. My first was Honda CBR 400RR before I graduated to a Honda CBR600F. Then came the Yamaha R6, the Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSX-R 600, Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja and the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Superbike Ownership India

Wow….what a list!!! We could visualise a Superbike harem in there! Just in case, that wasn’t all- is there any other bike you own apart from BMW K1300R?
Yeah I do. It’s the Suzuki Intruder M1800R.

Having owned these many number of bikes, what made you consider the K1300R? Was there any other superbike playing on your mind then?
Yeah I was pretty confused! The other one too was a Beemer of course- the BMW S1000RR. But then the defining moment came when I test rode the K1300R. It just made me forget everything else and write the cheque straightaway.

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Cool! So what’s the best part you love about your ‘K’?
The BMW K1300R happens to be one of the most impressive naked bikes on world streets today. Just in case you’re wondering why- I’d say this German monster was design to excel in all departments- be it about design ergonomics or the shattering performance figures. The K1300R embodies pure aggression and adrenalin- even while at a standstill. The feeling that any biker would love to experience- a rocket-like start and this projectile zooms into orbit like no other. With the amount of horsepower on tap and being a naked tuned for usual street riding, it’s a perfect tool for the quarter mile drag. The power, torque and the ecstatic exhaust note create that perfect ingredient to induce goose-nipples all over you.

Where on one hand, the K1300R binds the best of style, technology and brutal performance- it also happens to be a very safe motorcycle to ride every day. Features such as ABS (Anti-locking braking system), ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), TPC (Tyre Pressure Control) and the only naked bike with Gear Shift Assist adds that air of safety around you while you ride the K1300R around.

And the worse part?
Well, it has to be my addiction with the K1300R.

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So, how far have you taken the Beamer out on a ride?
Around 1000 kms, when I happened to ride it from Pune to Goa and back.

And how has been the after sales experience?
Touchwood. I’ve never experienced any issues till date.

Great to hear that! But how much on an average do you spend on servicing the K1300R including consumables?
The average cost is generally around INR 20,000 that includes consumables and labour both.

Any independent service centre/ mechanic you would recommend to Beamer owners looking out to service their bikes?
I feel BMW Navnit Motors in Mumbai are the best for BMW bikes. They bring all the gadgets and equipment to my place and everything is done right in front of my eyes. Apart from riding, it is one of the most satisfying experiences to see your beloved being serviced in front of your own eyes! Just awesome!

And in case you have to source any part, where do you get it from?
Again, from Navnit Motors in Mumbai.

Any modifications undertaken on the K1300R? Any differences felt post the changes?
It doesn’t need any modifications- it’s just loaded to the brim in stock condition.

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Tell us something about your riding gear.
A full Alpinestars racing suit and an Arai helmet.

Any troubles faced from the cops since the superbiking segment MAJORLY comprises of grey imports and inappropriately documented motorcycles?
I’ve never had any issues with the cops. My BMW K1300R is an Indian invoiced motorcycle purchased from Navnit Motors after having paid all the duties and taxes. I ride my BMW with utmost peace of mind.

With so many bikes already have gone through your ownership, we’re pretty sure your greed hasn’t subdued yet 😉 So what would be your next bike?
It would most probably a Beemer again- but a big one this time. The BMW K1600 GTL and it should be with me mostly by next year.

BMW K1300R India - 10

Any helpful tips on parking in public places?
Superbikes are crowd pullers and one has to be extremely careful. People tend to get excited and start touching the bike everywhere and even just hop onto it for a picture. Prospective cases from small scratches to an uncalled tip-over is quite possible during such events. Hence I never leave the bike out of my sight when parking in public places.

A line of advice to prospective superbike owners?
Riding a superbike is a matter of responsibility and accountability- to yourself and others on the road. With the power these machines pack in and the road manners in this part of the world- I feel superbike are actually not meant to be ridden on our roads. Hence a sense of responsibility is a mandate when you’re riding one. Do keep in mind that owning a superbike doesn’t mean whacking the throttle and showing of your speeding skills putting yours and other’s life in danger. Hence my suggestion to all my superbike friends would be to have fun with the bike- albeit with everyone’s safety as a priority.

Nice words those Micky! And finally, India’s most favourite question when it comes to automobiles- ‘Yeh BMW kitna deti hai’?
One shouldn’t really bother or expect much on mileage from a superbike- but my BMW K1300R gives me around 10 kilometres to a litre.

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So that was it. We thank Micky for his candid responses to our set of queries towards his Devil from Deutschland! Though we’re still as jealous now as we were at the beginning- we’d wish him the best and safest of rides on his BMW K1300R. We hope list of superbike ownerships keeps growing with time and we look forward to him riding his K1600 GTL very soon.

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