Summer Is Coming! Here’s a Snap-On Helmet Cooler To Keep Things Chilled


Riding in India during peak Summer is more of a task than an enjoyable affair. With the Sun beating down in all its glory, the tarmac starts melting, the saddle becomes a frying pan and your body melts like butter. Adding to the misery are those hot exhaust fumes from heavy vehicles, traffic, a lot of sweat and a boiling head, ready to crack open like a well-done egg inside that helmet. Someone has found a solution to this suffering though. Called the Blusnap, this snap-on cooler which fits on any full-size helmet creates a microclimate inside the lid which lowers the temperature by up to 6-15 degrees to keep your head cool.


With a snap-on ribbon that fits around the helmet like motocross goggles, the actual cooling unit stays near the front air vents of your lid and blows cool air inside. This wearable cooling device is the World’s first snap-on cooler for a helmet. It works on the same principles as a water cooler and comes fitted with a tiny fan which blows cold air inside, even when you are at a standstill in traffic. BluArmor’s cooling tech lowers the temperature in a confined space and continuously flows enough air in that space at temperatures below the skin temperature to accelerate heat removal.


Since water cooling doesn’t really work as such in places which are humid and closer to the sea,  the company ran a lot of field trials in Chennai over the past summer and validated the technology through rider feedback and cooling measurements. They achieved 8-8.5 degrees of cooling when the ambient temperature was 38 deg C – keep in mind that the skin temperature is typically between 33-36 deg C. The cooling filter used in the apparatus comes with an anti-bacterial coating that eliminates germs and moulds. It also absorbs the virus and scale in the water, which prevents harmful air from being released at the outlet. With up to 10 hours of run time on a full charge, a full tank of water will give you about 2 hours of cooling.


The company is also developing an integrated helmet that comes with advanced features like intelligent fan speed control (based on driving speed), water-level indicator, fan-speed change through voice commands, etc. Available for pre-order now, one can pick from five different styles for the strap. The device is available at a cost of INR 1,609 only, and if it works like it should, this might just the hottest bike accessory of the season which will keep your head cool.

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