Full Carbon Bugatti Chiron Is A Whopping £500,000 (INR 4.46 Crore) Upgrade Over The ‘Standard’ Model

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If you thought buying a Bugatti Chiron was an expensive affair, wait till you check out this specific model that features a full carbon fibre bodywork. This particular Bugatti Chiron belongs to one of the many billionaires from Qatar and it recently landed in London. We’re sure you’ll would agree that this is one of the most attention-catching hypercar going around in the city. But all that attention comes at a heavy price.


This particular visual upgrade is said to be north of £500,000 which roughly translates to INR 4.46 crore. For that kind of money, you can buy yourself a Lamborghini Huracan or a Audi R8 V10 and still left with money in your pockets. This Bugatti Chiron shares the garage with a full carbon McLaren P1, a Ferrari LaFerrari, and a Porsche 918 Spyder.


Visually, the all carbon fiber bodywork is complemented by bright blue accents on various body panels such as the bumpers, grille, hood, and the C-shaped sides. The blue highlights can also be seen on the brake pads too. Words “Ettore Bugatti” have been painted on both sides of this particular Chiron. In case you’re wondering, Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti was the founder and proprietor of Automobiles E. Bugatti.

Check out the hypercar with a carbon fibre attire in detail through the video below (courtesy: TheTFJJ)

What do you have to say about this ultra expensive paint job on the luxurious Bugatti Chiron? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (6)
Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (5)
Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (4)
Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (3)
Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (2)
Bugatti Chiron – Carbon Fibre (1)

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