Stout Scout: The Indian Scout Offroader custom


The drumming symphony of the thunderstroke motor is still afresh in our minds- though it’s not too far ago when we happen to review the Indian Chief Vintage and the Indian Chieftain. ‘Chariot of Gods” is what we termed these gorgeous motorcycles and for sure if the Almighty had to ascend and choose to transverse across perennial blacktops- he would choose the Indian. But what if he wanted to take the broken trail? Sounds funny- but yeah, someone was thinking on similar lines.

Indian Scout Offroader

French motorcycle dealer Premium Motorcycles put their wild thoughts to the road giving the Indian Scout a contrasting makeover. Polaris- the new owners of Indian Motorcycles are well connected to the off-road lifestyle, but even they wouldn’t have thought that someone could possibly give a transformation as this to the motorcycle that’s meant to munch a million miles with relative ease.

Indian Scout Offroading Motorcycle

The Indian Scout Offroader avatar might not appeal to many- particularly with those Willy Jeep tyres. But then the motorcycle doesn’t lose any bit of its magnificence. To add more of off-roading appeal, Premium motorcycles cut short the rear fender with tempered glass plates to the sides.

Indian Scout Offroading Motorcycle (2)

The fat pipes were replaced with a skinny Arlen Ness exhaust system and the headlight replaced by a petite but powerful Heretic LED light. Flander handlebars were added for an aggressive riding stance and blacked out treatment was meted out to a few parts for an added masculine appeal.

Indian Scout Offroad motorcycle

No fiddling job was done inside those massive and torque cylinders (thankfully) with the rider continuing to indulge in the original thunderstroking ecstasy.


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