SPOTTED: Daewoo Matiz lookalike- Chery QQ spotted in India

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Remember the now defunct Daewoo and their small car Matiz? This is the car that really made Daewoo popular in the country. Now, we have said this before and are saying it again that Chinese manufacturer always get a tad too inspired from Global vehicles when designing a car.

The extent to which the QQ was a copy of Daewoo Matiz aka Chevrolet Spark was also demonstrated by the GM executives. The guys from GM also demonstrated that various components of Spark are interchangeable with the QQ without any modification. GM China Group has said that the two vehicles in question “shared remarkably identical body structure, exterior design, interior design and key components.”

QQ, it seems, is synonymous with what we call carbon copy.

Recently, the car was spotted in India. The car can easily be mistaken for ‘just another Matiz’ and the car caught had no test plates on. Instead, the car has private registration plates and looked fairly used.

We wonder who in his right mind will spend to buy this car.

Image Courtesy- Facebook

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