Spotted-2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer. Spyshots galore

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Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 1

It hasn’t been more than a couple of days when we posted spy pics of the much anticipated 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 Café Racer. Now, we have come across some more pics of the upcoming bike and unlike the last time, these pics are of the single seater variant. This new batch of pics appears to be a part of an earlier set of pics that showed the many details of the upcoming bike. It may be noted that as with the Classic range of RE bikes, the Cafe Racer might come to us with both single seat and double seat option. The single seat version looks decidedly cooler, thanks to that neatly sculpted seat and that plastic cladding around it.

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 6

The 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 aka Cafe Racer is looking poised to soon become the fastest-ever production Royal Enfield bike. Also, the bike is looking all set to become the lightest production RE bike of recent times.

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 5

Much can be talked about the soon-to-be-launched RE Continental GT535′s styling and to be frank, we really can’t take our eyes off the Café Racer styled bike.

It may be noted that this isn’t the first time that Royal Enfield is using the Continental GT moniker. The Continental GT250 was the first RE bike to get the Continental GT moniker and was launched way back in 1965. The 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 Cafe Racer will be a logical successor to the GT250 and is expected to be launched in India during this year’s festive season.

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 3

Powering the upcoming bike will be a single cylinder 535cc UCE engine that will benefit from a bigger throttle body and a larger piston than the 500cc UCE motors of the Classic. The 535cc mill will also come with a remapped ECU and a lighter flywheel. All this should endow the bike with enough power to have a genuine 150 kmph plus top speed. The bike will ride on Pirelli tyres and will have a tubular steel constructed frame. Suspension duties will be taken care of by a set of telescopic forks at front and a pair of Paioli gas-charged shock absorbers at the rear. As can be seen in the pics, the bike will have disc brakes on both the wheels and will be as much as 15 kgs lighter than the Thunderbird 500.

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 8

The bike, in all possibility, would be priced a little above INR 2 lakhs.

 We really can’t wait to ride the upcoming RE. What about you?

Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 7 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 4 Royal Enfield Continental GT535 pics 2

Single Seat 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 Pics courtesy TBHP

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  • Icon Shann says:

    The double seat looks bit out of time – outdated. Enfield should provide better and comfortable double seat designs. Quality should be upto a 2+ lakhs bike standards

  • Dan says:

    All ‘Royal OILFIELDS’ as I prefer to call them have been outdated junks, carried over the years without a single meaningful change, but with all their irritating eccentricities intact. A modern classic is one which looks like the old one but performs as per present day standards. RE faithfully and very disgustingly manages to retain all the flaws that the ’40s bike had and adds PU paint and chrome to call it ‘modern’. The engine and power train are bad by the worst standards not to mention very scary quality issues. These are my two cents of review further to having ridden an RE for 7 years. Having shifted on to Jap technology, i’m all smiles ever since… Long sigh!!!

  • paul says:

    At least a better model from RE hope this one don’t drip oil like other casual models which is really horrible .fix that RE

  • George says:

    Considering the quality niggles and bad performance of all RE bikes I dont think this bike will sell more with a pricing of above 2 lakhs. However the only selling point is looks of this bike as has been the case of other RE models.I own one RE bike and there has not been a single day when I dont come across one or the other issue.

  • Munir says:

    George??!! do you have bicycles in your place? which RE model, according you is not ideal looking? ypu must be fan of some Suzuki plastic toys. and FYI this is not a “proper looking motorcycle”, its a Cafe Racer….well..whom i’m saying….bleh…..