SPIED: Mahindra Verito EV caught testing, official launch later in 2015


Electric vehicles (EV) clearly have some advantages and disadvantages. The latter is pretty clear. As of now, EVs are fairly expensive to buy in India. Add to that the hassle of charging the batteries, limited range, lower top speed and the general lack of supporting infrastructure means that for an average buyer, the EV isn’t the best proposition. That said, times are changing and our mentality of the electric vehicle won’t remain unaltered for long. Plus, the Indian Government’s FAME-India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles) policy will also do the needful.


Mahindra Verito EV is a bold step for the company.

Mahindra isn’t very new to the concept of an EV. The Mahindra REVA (e2o) started the electric vehicle saga back in 2001. However, in the following 14 years, the idea of owning an electric car is slowly being taken into consideration by buyers. After the REVA, Mahindra is now bringing out a bigger EV in the form of a Verito electric vehicle. Being a family saloon car, the Verito is obviously bigger and also seems less quirky than some other EVs.


The Mahindra Verito EV doesn’t look like a typical EV.

Mahindra showcased the first Verito EV at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. Ever since then, the company has been testing the Verito EV extensively and after much testing, will be launching the car within this year. Mahindra & Mahindra’s Executive Director, Dr. Pawan Goenka, said that the Mahindra Verito EV shall be placed in the commercial segment (car rentals). One could go to such a rental organisation and drive this electric saloon. This, of course would be a ‘self-hire’ programme.


The Mahindra Verito EV uses an electric shifter with four shift modes.

The gearbox is automated and comes with reverse, neutral, forward and boost modes. The latter will allow for faster getaways from traffic lights and make overtaking easier. On the battery front, the Mahindra Verito EV requires 7 hours to get to 100% of charge. According to the company, maximum range on a full charge is 80 km and top speed is 85 km/h. As we mentioned above, the FAME-India policy will assist those planning to buy an electric/hybrid vehicle. Under this green policy, those purchasing an EV/Hybrid car stand to benefit from Rs. 11,000 to 1,38,000 as incentives from the govt.

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In the meanwhile, tell us what you think about electric vehicles. Would you buy one? Write your thought and opinions in the comments section.

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  • Thanks for your inputs, Subramanyam.

  • subramanyam says:

    I already own mahindra reva e2o T2 premium model and been using for close to an year running on 9400+kms for my daily office and near by commutes. Works out cheaper than taking out a bike for near by errands. Looking forward to see what Vertio EV offers.