Someone turned the Honda Dio into a big portable speaker


This is what a typical youngster’s dream looks like: System up with the top down, got the city on lockdown, drive by in a low ride, hands high when we fly by. When the dream’s over, reality hits with keys to a funky little Honda Dio, taped up earbuds and 128 kbps audio files on a laptop with a million stickers on it. But then someone decided to change that reality. The person turned the under-seat storage space of his Honda Dio into a big portable speaker!

We know what you’re already thinking. But no, the bass wouldn’t hit you in the wrong place. Because the system only works when the scooter is at a standstill and the seat goes up. Innovation is for the brave and can also be simple, so space for the tool kit and the first-aid pouch is now taken by a remote control for the music system. The system accepts USB input and seems to have a 1.1 setup, where there’s a woofer and a tweeter connected to the source. There’s also a voltmeter that sits below a fancy blue LED to complete the look.


Oh and the next time your father or neighbors ask you to turn the volume down, here’s another example that wants you to stay classy and wants you to answer your dad back with a question. Turn down for what? Be prepared for any untoward consequences that would follow though and keep that scoot fueled and ready if you have to make a run. You might spend the night outside, but at least you’d be partying.

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