Snowkhana Two- 2013 Ford Fiesta scale model (1:64) drifts its way around Christmas presents

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snowkhana 2

Once again, Ford has come up with a Snowkhana video, which is basically a parody-version of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six, the latest chapter of the much loved driving stunt video series.

Snowkhana Two shows a 2013 Ford Fiesta scale model (1:64) drifting around Christmas tress and presents. Thanks to compressed video shots, the new video makes us almost believe that there is a lot of powerslide smoke involved, and not cotton balls!

The video also shows the Fiesta having a  classic Ford Mustang for company. It also shows the Fiesta driving through a series of obstacles, which includes- Santa Claus, Godzilla, Darth Vader, Superman and…hold your breath….Miley Cyrus!

Check out the new Snowkhana Two below:


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