Skoda to replace its current logo with a new one in April 2011?

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Skoda has witnessed quite a turnaround ever since German carmaker bought it. The company will complete 20th anniversary of the German carmaker having taken it over in April 2011. To commemorate the occasion the Czech carmaker may just introduce us all to a new logo.
The new logo will most likely have a new, blue ring on the exterior to represent the company’s association with Volkswagen. The green and white colours will be inverted, with the arrow now being white and the background being green. The words ‘Skoda Auto’ will also probably be removed. From whatever little is available to be seen of the logo (pic above), it doesn’t look too classy or sophisticated. However, the picture is still a tad too raw to make much of. We are sure that the logo will be polished and perfected before it emerges to us in the final form.

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