Sixth Sense: Jaguar researching on reading driver’s brainwaves to mitigate accidents


Driverless cars, as interesting as they sound, are still a several years away. In the meantime, Jaguar is exploring equally interesting, and the limitless possibilities of the human brain. Jaguar is focussing their latest research on the safety role our brain can play whilst driving. The safety nanny that’s currently under intense research by the boffins at Jaguar will monitor the driver’s brainwaves – in essence, read your mind!

Jaguar sixth sense technology

According to the British carmaker, the human brain, at varying frequencies, generates at least 4 different brainwaves. Computers will then ‘read’ this data streaming in from an array of sensors, and in the process, monitor the driver’s brainwaves. The steering wheel and the pedals will vibrate to snap the driver’s mind from wandering away due to certain distractions. The latter will also inform the driver of any hazard and can be linked to automatically brake to avoid an accident.

2016 Jaguar XJ (4)

The driver’s seat will be packed with sensors which will keep a track on your heart rate and respiration. These sensors can pick up your stress patterns and in response, play soothing music and automatically dim the cabin lights to calm you. Jaguar is also working on an infotainment system which can be operated by mid-air gestures, thus enabling you to focus more on driving the car.

2016 Jaguar XJ (3)

The steering wheel will have sensors to monitor the driver’s alertness.

Equipment that can track brainwaves already exists, but they require the person to be wearing a headband of sorts. This wouldn’t be practical, nor look cool while driving. Thus, Jaguar is looking into the type of technology that’s used by NASA to further a pilot’s concentration levels. The carmaker is currently conducting trials to retrieve more information on different brainwaves and their implementation. Under the guidance of neurologists, these trials will make use of all the on-board sensors to monitor the driver’s alertness.

As nice as these futuristic systems sound, it would be a while before any of these make it to regular mainstream cars. In the meanwhile, drive safe and keep following Motoroids for more interesting updates from the world of automobiles.

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