Simple One Electric Scooter Gets 300 Kms Range!


Bengaluru based start clean energy start-up, Simple energy, has announced a new a more powerful motor for its e-scooter, the One. The larger battery pack aims to offer a much better range which will help in eliminating anxiety range among customers. The 2 battery option pack will provide a range of 300 kms+ on a single charge. Both the batteries are removable and they can be stored in the boot. Price for the Simple One with double battery pack is ₹1.45 lakh.

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Official statement

Commenting on the new battery pack, Suhas Rajkumar, Founder and CEO, Simple Energy, said, “When we conceived the Simple One, we had the aim of offering an electric scooter that could offer enough range for users to not have to worry about range or charging. Offering an extra battery will allow power users to reach destinations that no other electric two-wheeler in India can. This additional battery can easily fit in the boot of the scooter offering a range of over 300 km. This is a big milestone – not just for Simple Energy, but for the EV industry. This move will also go a long way in bolstering the perception of electric scooters.”

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Quick recap

The Simple One e-scooter offers a futuristic design. It features angular and sharp body panels, with winglets on the sides. Overall the look is sleek and sporty and seems oriented to today’s youth. The company claims that the scooter also performs as sharp as it looks. Simple One offers the highest driving range of 203 km in Eco mode and a maximum range of 236km in IDC for a fully charged battery. The vehicle can sprint from 0-40 in just less than 2.95 seconds along with a top speed of up to 105km/h. The scooter also offers decent practicality and gets a large 30L boot space. It also gets a smart dashboard (digital console).

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This whole package is priced at ₹1,09,999 (Ex-showroom) and can be pre-booked online at just ₹1947. The company is constantly working to develop new technologies in the field of EVs. Simple Energy has recently announced the completion of developing an advanced thermal management system with the Indian Institute of Technology-Indore (IIT Indore). This association was aimed at improving the safety, dependability, and lifespan of the battery modules in all its products.


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