Should India Get The Suzuki Burgman 200?

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Maxi scooters are the latest trend in the Indian gearless scooter scenario. The concept of having a maxi-scooter might still be a little foreign to us but this particular breed of gearless scooters is quite popular overseas, owing to the comfort quotient they bring to the table. When it comes to India, it is the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 that revived the maxi-scooter genre in the modern era. And now, Suzuki has introduced the 2022 Burgman 200 in the USA and that makes us wonder, is it time that we should start contemplating the thought of having performance-oriented premium scooters?

New colours

For the new model year update, the maxi-scooter gets new colours as a part of the package.

Suzuki burgman 200 (1)

It is available in Metallic Matte Stellar Blue, New Titan Black and Pearl Brilliant White. All of these options come with blacked-out alloy wheels and an aluminum-finished exhaust shield. Apart from the updated colour palette, the Burgman 200 remains exactly the same as the outgoing model.

Specs and features

The Burgman 200 follows the same design philosophy as its other siblings. Up front, it gets a split headlamp setup with conventional halogen lighting and a large windscreen, completing the maxi-scooter look. This breed of scooters is touted to be high on comfort and practicality and the Burgman 200 doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it gets a large 41-litre under seat storage, the scooter also gets two compartments in the front apron that provide 5.5-litre and 7-litre capacity each.

Suzuki Burgman 200

The 2021 Suzuki Burgman 200 is powered by the same 200cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor that makes 18.3PS of peak power. It’s sprung by a telescopic fork and dual rear springs. Braking hardware comprises a 240mm front disc with a two-piston calliper and a 240mm rear disc mounted on a 13-inch front wheel and a 12-inch rear wheel. Dual-channel ABS comes standard. As for features, Suzuki has equipped the Burgman with a car-like dashboard that includes two analogue meters and a digital display in between.

Suzuki burgman 200 (2)

Even though the chances of the Burgman 200 coming to India are minimal at best, we still think that it will serve as a worthy addition in the company’s  lineup. Suzuki might have revived the maxi-scooter genre in India but Aprilia has taken it to new heights with the launch of SXR 160 and SXR 125. Suzuki is expected to roll out an electrified version of the Burgman soon as well. It is safe to assume then, that India is ready to welcome maxi-scooters with open arms and manufacturers should really ponder over this fact.

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