Search for a Top Gear star begins and here is how you can participate

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As we reported earlier, recently appointed host for Top Gear, Chris Evans, will hold auditions to find his co-host. Now more details about the auditions are out and here is how you can participate in the auditions. But let us inform you, Evans is looking out for people who live, breathe and even eat all things automotive. Do you think you can tell a Maserati from a Mazda by the thrum – or otherwise – of its engine? If yes, then BBC Top Gear want to hear from you!

To participate, you will have to send a 30-second video FILMED IN LANDSCAPE to [email protected] – (longer clips won’t be accepted). The British network want to see your enthusiasm and your relationship with cars. There should not be any cars or stunts or gimmicks in your video. BBC wants to see you as you might be on Top Gear. Anything else will not be viewed.

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Participants must have to be 17 or older to enter. Seventeen year old need to get the permission from their parent or guardian before submitting your video. Clips may be used in the programme, online or on other BBC third party platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or So if you don’t want to be seen on screen then do not send any video.

To participate is 20th July 2015. The file size of your video submission may depend on your email provider. If you receive a bounce back from our email address, try compressing your video to a smaller size.

Chris Evans new top gear host

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please record a video submission of no more than 30 seconds, in the English language and suitable for a family audience. All we want is you, your enthusiasm and what your relationship with cars is. Please only record yourself alone to camera (no one else – please do not include children). No cars, no stunts, no gimmicks – just you talking to the camera as if you were on Top Gear. Anything else will not be considered.
  2. Do not drive while filming your contribution or film yourself or anyone else driving
  3. This search will close at midnight on 20th July 2015 and all submissions must be sent to the BBC email address set out above.
  4. Please record your submission in landscape so that we can use it on television.
  5. No obscene, indecent or in any other way offensive or illegal content will be considered.
  6. Please do not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or break any laws when creating any content you share with the BBC.
  7. You must be 17 or over. If you are 17 then please get your parent or guardian’s permission before submitting your video.
  8. You must not be an employee or close relation (i.e. spouse, sibling or child) of an employee of the BBC or any of its subsidiary companies.
  9. This is not a competition or an employment application. The BBC intends to review all material submitted and we will assess your contribution in accordance with the criteria set out above. Successful submissions will be shortlisted and may be auditioned.
  10. The BBC may contact you in connection with your submission but shall be under no obligation to do so. If we contact you we shall reply to the email address you use to submit your contribution. If shortlisted we will ask you for further information including details of any convictions, right to work, conflicts of interest and any other relevant information. We reserve the right to carry out background checks etc.
  11. The BBC is under no obligation to broadcast, publish or use your contribution in any way. However some contributions submitted may be featured in BBC television or radio programme(s) and / or on the BBC website and / or be shared on third party services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or
  12. If we use your contribution we will usually identify you (unless you ask us not to) but for operational reasons this is not always possible.
  13. The BBC anticipates a large number of submissions and so unfortunately we can’t enter into any correspondence about individual contributions.
  14. By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) with the BBC you grant the BBC, free of charge, permission to use the material or any part of the material in any way and in any media worldwide. Any copyright in your contribution will remain with you and the permission you give to the BBC is not exclusive; so you can continue to use the material you contribute in any way you want (including allowing others to use it).
  15. You grant the BBC the right to change or edit the material in your contribution for operational and editorial reasons.
  16. You confirm that your contribution is your own original work, is not defamatory or unlawful and does not infringe anyone else’s rights (including privacy rights) or UK laws and that it complies with these terms.
  17. If you provide any personal information to the BBC then disclosure of this information shall be subject to terms set out in the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy. The BBC will keep your personal information secure and will only use it for the purposes specified in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.
  18. If you do not want to grant the BBC permission to use your contributions in accordance with these terms, please do not share with or submit them to
  19. If you have any further questions about contributing content to the BBC, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.
  20. The BBC decision is final and we reserve the right to change, amend or cancel any of these terms or any other part of this search at any time at the BBC’s sole discretion.
  21. The file size of your video submission may depend on your email provider. If you receive a bounce back from our email address, try compressing your video to a smaller size.
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