Scoop: Suzuki imports the Hayate FI 125cc Step-thru in India

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Suzuki Motorcycles India already has a product it sells here called the ‘Hayate’. If you visit Suzuki’s website, the tagline for the motorcycle reads, “There’s a reason to ride it.” In our quest to find reasons why Suzuki imported a Step-thru in India, we spent more time browsing through the website to discover that  ‘Hayate’ is a Japanese word meaning “Fresh Breeze” or “Swift wind”. Suzuki further adds, they built it with the thought of providing customers with a motorcycle that is comfortable and makes their daily travelling enjoyable.


We never sit still, we just cannot, so we’ll share this information with you which tells us, Suzuki has imported a 125cc, fuel-injected Step-thru, called the Hayate 125 FI. Only one bike has been imported from Indonesia through the Port of Chennai and the document states, the purpose to import the vehicle is for some research and development. So we visited Suzuki’s website which tells us more about this Step-thru. It says the nose is inspired by a Japanese Bullet Train, sports dual-headlamps, 16 inch wheels and in exact words, Dual-like taillight inspired from the famous Suzuki big bike GSX-R. It develops 9.6 Ps at 8000 rpm and produces 9.8 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm.


A long time ago Hero launched a Step-thru in India called Street. Technology wise, the bike at that time was street years ahead of non-existent competition, as it had no clutch lever and you could change gears if you were adamant on doing it while scratching your back or picking your bag and not the nose. Suzuki has imported this vehicle to learn something from it and develop something from that learning. We like the way it looks and if priced right, might work well in the market. If you agree with us or even if you don’t, let us know, leave a comment.

The images of import receipts were provided by avid Motoroids India follower MVKSS Sandeep.

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  • Mahesh Thakkar says:

    Suzuki a customer is there in the waiting for you bring it on…

  • kp says:

    they should launch it here without fuel injection and will help their sales chart!

  • BikesIndia says:

    Seriously India has a market for these step-thrus, Bajaj has also enjoyed the success of step-thrus in the form of “M80”. The other south-east Asian countries are already using these step-thrus made by different manufacturers and they are quite popular mode of transportation there.