Scoop!! Hyundai i40 for India!

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What you can see here are pictures of the new mid-size sedan from Hyundai which will go on sale early next year. This model is set to replace the current Sonata line-up, with an aggressive design which is now defining all the latest Hyundai’s. And you guessed it right, the ‘Sonata’ badge might be dropped as well, to follow the Korean carmaker’s new ‘i’ naming conventions.

This sedan will most likely be conferred with the ‘i40’ tag when it takes on the mid-size luxury sedan segment. The car will grace Hyundai’s exhibit at the upcoming Auto Expo and is expected to go on sale in India by Q2 2010 at a price bracket ranging from Rs. 14-lakh to Rs. 19-lakh for the petrol and diesel variants. We speculate the India model to be powered by the same range of Theta-2 engines that do duty under the current model. As the photos show, the interiors will sport an upmarket feel as compared to the current model, and Hyundai are to be believed, will also sport high quality materials similar to the ones we have already witnessed in the i10/i20. At the price bracket mentioned above, we feel this car will be one helluva value offering and has the fire-power to break the jinx that has been plaguing the India Sonata all this while!




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