Scoop! Mahindra Xylo caught testing; Micro-Hybrid?

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We caught a Mahindra Xylo E8 on test a couple of days back near the Mumbai Pune expressway. While we were following the vehicle to grab some shots and see if we could spot any changes, we saw another one of these Xylo test mules on the other side of the road being towed away by a Scorpio Getaway support vehicle. Coming back to the Xylo we caught, we can only derive two possibilities as to why the vehicle is being tested – either it is testing some components from a new OE vendor or they are actually testing the Xylo Micro-Hybrid.

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In June this year Mahindra & Mahindra had confirmed that the Micro-Hybrid version of the Xylo was under development and that the vehicle would be launched before this year end. “We plan to launch the Xylo micro-hybrid before the end of the year,” M&M president – automotive and farm equipment Pawan Goenka said in New Delhi. We had caught the Scorpio Micro-Hybrid on test in 2008 on the same patch of the highway though that is not enough to substantiate the fact that Xylo too is a Micro-Hybrid version on test. However, we know our reader have more intelligent brains here so if you can spot something that missed our eye please report it to us. The vehicle is expected to cost approximately Rs. 15,000 more than equivalent variant.

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