Schumacher’s long phase of rehab to continue, result uncertain

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After news broke out that the racing legend is out of Coma, and has left Grenoble, The hospital in Laussane, Switzerland, where he is now admitted, said that the Champ’s stay there will be long.

Michael Schumacher was in the Intensive care unit since his skiing fall in late December and the latest news of him no longer being in Coma was looked at with optimism. However Britain’s newspaper ‘Telegraph’ cited a source very close to the Schumacher family saying, he is ‘Drifting’ in and out of consciousness. Darcy Christen, Lausanne University hospital’s head of media, confirmed, his stay there will be long. She further added that his transfer from Grenoble to Laussane doesn’t mean drastic improvements in his condtion, however, now he displays more bouts of consciousness, than in April. He cannot talk right now, but there is some degree of communication, sometimes using the eyes.

Hospital sources added that it will take a few days for him to be stable after coming out of Coma, then the rehabiliation will begin. Christen added that it will be a long journey and the outcome will be difficult to ascertain. He added that Laussane’s neurology department headed by Professor Richard Frackowiak to be one of the best-equipped in the world and that there is no better place in the world Schumacher could be at this time.

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