Video: Do you Vespa? Global commercial hits Indian screens


Piaggio’s latest global TV campaign that celebrates being unique with it’s ‘Do you Vespa’ tag, has hit Indian screens. The campaign focuses on those unique, colorful and optimistic people who ride the iconic Scooter and hopes to inspire people by asking thought provoking questions that leads to one big question, ‘Do you Vespa’?

Vespa S India (6)

Vespa is truly one of the few global products where the word “icon” is not misleading and through this campaign wishes to affirm the outstanding traits it’s loyalists and admirers possess, that of being ones who welcome change, however, at their own terms. People who believe in individualism and freedom and look at the world with fresh, optimistic and playful eyes. People whom you can single out in a crowd, who are trend-setters and not followers, who question the status quo, People who inspire, People who Vespa.

Vespa S India (13)

As for us, we’d love the Vespa S in Nero Matt sitting as adornment in our office, which we could sneak out sometimes and say ‘Yes’, if ever asked, ‘Do you Vespa’?

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