Say Hello To Xinshiji Finja 500 – Kawasaki ZX-10R’s Distant Chinese Cousin!

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The Chinese are at it again! The Chinese automobile industry is infamous for blatantly ripping off the designs of other revered manufacturers. We have already seen their version of the Himalayan and the Ducati Panigale but this time around, they have done a rather ‘brilliant’ job. This time around, the case in consideration is of the Xinshiji Finja 500. This Chinese faired sportsbike could easily pass off as the 2020 iteration of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

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The litre-class crotch rocket from the Japanese bikemaker is one of the most loved superbikes around the world and this ripoff will surely make every Ninja fanboy out there cringe with astonishment!

Xinshiji Finja 500 (1)

When we mentioned that they have done a ‘brilliant’ job ripping off the revered Ninja, we weren’t being sarcastic. One good look at the images and you would know that we are pretty serious. Aesthetically speaking, it is like they designed the whole motorcycle keeping the Ninja in mind. No matter which angle you look at it from, it will instantly remind you of the Ninja.

Xinshiji Finja 500

Right from the paintjob and the livery to details like the mirror-mounted indicators, the parking light housed in the ram air intake and even the console seem straight off the last-generation Ninja ZX-10R.


Things get a little more interesting when we factor in its engine configuration. Now, while the Finja 500 may look fast as lightning, it certainly isn’t. You see, unlike the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, this F(ake N)inja gets a 500cc parallel-twin motor. It doesn’t make anything close to the ZX-10R’s 200 horsepower, either. Instead it pumps out a pedestrian 49 ponies—lackluster even for a 500cc mill.

Xinshiji Finja 500 (3)

To ensure the safety of the rider, the Xinshiji Finja 500 is equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. It is unclear if ABS is available for improved handling on the roads. Suspension duties on the fully-faired motorcycle are taken care of by Showa’s Balance Free Fork on the front side and a mono-shock unit on the rear. Oh and yes, we are now not even sure whether the forks up front are sourced from Showa or not.

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Xinshiji Finja 500 (2)

The Xinshiji Finja 500 is available only in China for approximately Rs 1.46 lakh. If we think that way, the Finja 500 is an absolute value for money proposition and should serve as a perfect motorcycle for someone who want to feel themselves into believing that you were actually riding Kawasaki’s flagship supersport bike.

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