Satyen Poojary

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Satyen says that he has always been a deprived rider – deprived of good bikes like most of us, and deprived of opportunities to ride ‘enough’ like some of us.‬ However he does make up for that by finding excuses to ride. This is probably why he got his nick – ‘Super CommuTOURer!’

Satyen has been riding a fair bit: an average of 175 Odd KM’s a day every day for past three years (Don’t do the odo reading math in your head!). This has recently reduced to ‘only’ 400KMs of weekly commute!‬ ” All I know is that when am on my bike, I am just me!” is how he explains his obsession for two wheels.

Apart from that, Satyen is a marketing graduate. He doesn’t work for an auto company (yet), & (yet) is candid about the products he has experienced. He is no engineer but he loves to get his hands dirty with the bike. He’s no pro photographer but he loves photography. He doesn’t follow MotoGP, nor auto magazines but he’s still a keen auto-enthusiast and also keen on directly learning from real people who walk the talk! He loves listening to and making music. He writes a bit, and lastly he’s no jester but has a reputation on throwing witty sarcy lines!

Happy to help, always, that’s Satyen Poojary for you!

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