Sarath Kumar gives Ten10 Racing its first win of the 2010 season!

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Ten10 Racing has started the 2010 season on a winning note. Its team rider, Sarath Kumar has won the Endurance Race at the Meco Festival of Speed 2010 for motorcycles. The Endurance race was held at the Kari Speedway in Coimbatore and comprised of 66 laps along with a compulsory pit stop. Sarath displayed exemplary finesse in guiding his Yamaha R15 across the finish line. The race lasted for over 90 minutes and Sarath had to face quite a few dog-fights from on-track peers.

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During the qualifying lap, TVS Racing’s TK Vishwanath clinched pole position while Sarath claimed second place. On the first lap of the final race, Sarath managed to gain an early lead. He ran wide 20 minutes later on the first corner and ended up losing his lead to a pack comprising of five riders. A few fast laps enabled up to climb up to third place before his bike went into reserve. Thanks to a quick pit-stop which lasted for 15 seconds Sarath was able to maintain his time advantage. He soon got back to his rythymn and a dog-fight with front runners TK Vishwanath and Srikandharaja ensued. He maintained his cool and displayed his on-track prowess by overtaking the racers and eventually winning the race.

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Ramji Govidarajan, the Team Principle of Ten10 Racing was visibly elated with the team’s winning start to 2010 season. He said that it is a great feeling to win the first race of the racing season and hopes his team will be competitive in the national championships as well. He also revealed that the team hopes to bring in a few corporate sponsorships to give them a edge over the competition. He said that Ten10 Racing has already extended their invitation to various brands who might be interested in marketing with motor sports.

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