Royal Enfield Tour of Tibet 2014: Ride to mystical ‘roof of the world’

Second Royal Enfield Tour of Tibet to commence on September 07, 2014. Here are all the details of the tour.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2013 (92)

If you wish to see Tibet and own a Royal Enfield then it is your lucky day. Motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is known for organising rides to various destinations. The latest destination on Royal Enfield’s map is Tibet as the company organises the second edition of Tour of Tibet in 2014.

The ride begins on September 07 with 30 riders journeying 2,380 kilometers over 14 days, at an average altitude of 4500 mts (14764 feet). With Tibet, Royal Enfield offers a new motorcycling frontier to conquer – the Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5200 mts (17060 feet) and makes this one of the most challenging rides that Royal Enfield has in its rides calendar.

The ride will commence from Kathmandu and will go through the Himalayan range and the less explored Everest Base Camp. The terrains of Tibet comprise of numerous hairpin turns and also offer an off-roading experience on certain stretches. Last year at the first Royal Enfield Tour of Tibet, 17 riders conquered the Everest base camp. This enticing ride is the third international ride in Royal Enfield’s calendar after Bhutan and Nepal.

The ride offers new motorcycling adventures and a variety of riding terrains to the participants which makes The Tour of Tibet an experience of a lifetime.

Here is the schedule of the entire journey:


For more details about the ride, log on to:

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