Royal Enfield sales skyrocket in July

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Auto sector has showcased mixed reaction in terms of sales numbers for the month of July as few companies performed well while others did not. Two-wheeler manufacturer Royal Enfield found a spot in the gainers list as the company reported 79.99 percent rise in the sales for July.

An official statement issued by the company said, “Continuing its strong sales momentum in 2014, Royal Enfield recorded its best ever monthly sales of 27,314 motorcycles in combined domestic wholesale and exports in July 2014.”

The company sold 27,314 units for this month. Royal Enfield had managed to sell about 15,175 units of motorcycles in the same period last month.


The overall domestic sales rose by 80.43 percent to 26,796 units as against 14,851 units in the same month last year. Export growth too showcased promising figures as the total number grew by 59.87 percent to 518 units compared with 324 units in the same month last year.

So, even as global manufacturers continue to enter the Indian two-wheeler market, Royal Enfield has managed to hold on to its followers. But the question remains – what should the company do to make sure the sales figure keep growing at a steady pace. Introduction of new models, faster deliveries and more interaction with the customers through rides and events are few of the things that we can think of.

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  • akhsay pradhan says:

    Royal Enfield needs to work on quality. The increasing sales of RE bikes has nothing to do with any masterstroke from the Company rather its because of change of mindsets by people esp the upwardly mobile youth. And people in general now a days more concerned about individuality are showing interest. Nothing more than this.